Agile Board Meetings and Proposals on the cloud.

CAVEDIGITAL Board Meeting app for Windows 8 provides a clean natural touch interface for your board meetings and proposals allowing for an agile and mobile Board Member experience.

Download Board Meeting for Windows 8

Navigate your board meetings with touch using a natural and intuitive timeline.

Browse seamingly the meeting agenda with access to board members and proposals one tap away.

Keep up with the meeting agenda progress as proposals get approved and rejected.

Easily create, edit and navigate your proposals from the proposals collection.

Create no sweat beautifully crafted proposals, easy to read and include attachments.

See in detail what was the decision on a proposal after your careful deliberation.

Offline mode supported. While on the go, you can browse your pre-loaded information.

Support is always one email away. Focus on leading, we got your back.

Hosted on

Windows Azure

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