Agilize your formal decision-making

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Smart Governance® is the most complete corporate governance software helping large Organizations taking their formal decision-making processes to the next level.

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Software Overview
Agilize your formal decision-making Agilize your formal decision-making
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Streamline your
decision-making workflows

Smart Governance® supports the complex reality of decision-makers in a completely digital platform, leaving the physical paper and its burdens where they belong - in the past.

Executives, Directors, Board Members and Leadership Teams will be able to implement agile practices across their entire Organization, including complex hierarchical structures.

Every Decision-Making Process In One Place


Proposals are at the root of any decision-making process. Author your best proposal and its documents, completely digital and with customized fields. You can also recruit a team to collaborate with you and help, attach important information and easily submit for approval when ready.


Hierarchical approval processes allow proposals to bubble up in the chain of command, while keeping tabs on its timeline and who has contributed so far. You can also share for information purposes and submit requests for advice to complement your proposal.

Board Meetings

Faster and modern board and committee meetings, with realtime digital access to the agenda and its documentation (both by iPad app or web browser interface), and integrated with Microsoft Teams. Register the resolutions during the meeting and automatically generate the minutes document at the end.

Corporate Groups

Corporate Groups are also supported, allowing a decision-making process to start in a hierarchy within a Subsidiary, progressing to its Leadership Team, and subsequently to the Leadership of the Parent Company.

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What they say about us

Rita Veloso

"Our experience could not have been any better. The board meeting has become much more agile and the time needed has been substantially reduced."

Rita Veloso
Board Member at Póvoa de Varzim and Vila do Conde Hospial Center (CHPVVC)

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Rui Gomes

"I can very easily have my entire team collaborating on a single proposal. We're talking about a product that's flexible enough to adjust to your needs."

Rui Gomes
Information System Director at Centro Hospitalar Universitário de Coimbra (CHUC)

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Client Testimonial

During the COVID-19 Pandemic

CHPVVC Hospital Center was able to navigate the challenges of the pandemic adversity and restrictions, and maintain business continuity while promoting a digital culture and digital literacy in its workforce by implementing Smart Governance®.

We're very grateful for having been given the opportunity to contribute and help on this tough time.

"In the past 2 years, one of the strategic axes for CHPVVC has been the strong and marked bet on a digital culture while involving its workforce and patients, promoting digital literacy in its community which contributed a lot to the reorganization of its departments and the implementation of work from home practices in reaction to this pandemic phase.

Therefore at a time when the rethinking of circuits and ways of working and communicating is critical, it was a necessity for us to guarantee leadership continuity and decision-making at the Board of Directors, in order to assure that the Institution continues to function normally.

Having been aware of the SMART GOVERNANCE solution for this digital management and, if necessary, also remotely, we established a partnership with the company CAVEDIGITAL, which promptly accepted the challenge and made this tool available in only a few days and which would allow us to implement this complex process.

Our experience could not have been any better. The preparation and organization of proposals by the different departments and the digital board meeting itself allowed not only better prior access to information but also its preparation and analysis. The board meeting has become much more agile and the time needed has been substantially reduced compared to the previous format (using paper documents and manual deliberations). It also allowed for the meeting to occur without requiring physical presence in the same room whenever it's necessary. Another great advantage was the automatic registration of the deliberations in the minutes document and digitally signing it, rendering the whole process more transparent and secure.

The whole experience exceeded by far our expectations and for which we are very much grateful at a stage when our People need even more of each one of us."

Rita Veloso
Board Member at Póvoa de Varzim and Vila do Conde Hospial Center (CHPVVC)

A modern board member experience

Use the Smart Governance® companion iPad app to modernize your board and committee meetings experience, including electronic voting. Prepare for the meeting while on-the-go with offline access to pre-loaded information, and do private annotations on the agenda documentation.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you don't find the answer to your question below, please don't hesitate and contact us directly. We will be glad to answer you.

Is Smart Governance® a board portal?

No. Smart Governance® is much more than a board portal, as it supports all formal decision-making processes of an Organization, from its creation to the final deliberation and respective execution, providing full transparency of the decision history.

Additionally, Smart Governance® supports these decision-making processes between companies of Corporate Groups (parent company and respective subsidiaries).

Is my Organization's data protected?

Smart Governance® is deployed on the Customer's cloud tenant (Microsoft Azure or AWS) or on-premises, so the Customer always retains data sovereignty and absolute control over security.

What's the technology stack required?

Smart Governance® is built on top of the Microsoft technology stack. As an example, we support the following authentication mechanisms:

- Azure Active Directory
- Active Directory (NTLM)

Our iPad application also supports Microsoft Intune integration.

Is Microsoft Teams supported?

Yes. Smart Governance® supports integrating with Microsoft Teams. If the Customer opts-in to use this integration, Board meetings scheduled in Smart Governance® are automatically provisioned also as Microsoft Teams meeting.

Is it possible to customize the proposal metadata fields?

Yes. Since every Organization has their own needs, the fields shown on the proposal can be totally customized. Additionally, if other types of fields are required that are not included out-of-box, our team also has the capability to develop custom field types that fit your requirements.

Proposals can only be approved by Directors, Board Members, Leadership Team, etc?

Not limited to. Proposals can be approved or rejected, along the chain of command, by someone who has the power of authority to do so.

Does Smart Governance® have a user or hierarchy limit?

No. The number of users and hierarchies is unlimited.

Are power of authority hierarchical rules supported?

Yes. You can configure conditional rules in the several levels of the chain of command of each hierarchy.

Can I use e-signatures on the meeting minutes?

Yes. Documents in Smart Governance® can be e-signed with digital certificates of qualified signatures using the file type client applications (example: Microsoft Word, Adobe Acrobat).

Can I be notified of my Smart Governance® activity?

Yes. You will receive notifications directly in your email whenever a task is assigned to you, or to someone you're configured as a substitute of. These notifications also include links to the relevant content that the task applies to.

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